I did this project to not only push myself to do things I haven’t done before, but to show that life would be boring and bland without shadows.  Shadows are all around you whether it’s following you around on the sidewalk, or leading down the path of life.  Shadows make people who they are, not one person has the same shadow as the next person.  Shadows show a person to be perfect, you don’t see the acne or that scar from two years ago.  Shadows show only what is in front of them, there is no worry in looking perfect when you’re a shadow. Shadows are what people see at first glance, you don’t see people imperfections or impurities;  you see their basic self. With a shadow no matter how long you stare at it, it will always stay the same.  Your shadow will always be there, you may not always be able to see it perfectly but it will follow you through life. 


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